Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trace's First Cardinals Game

Trace is a veteran when it comes to Blue’s hockey games, but had never been to a Cardinal’s game before. A Cardinal’s game had been on our to-do list last summer, but we never got around to it. Our summer calendar started filling up fast so Chad and I picked a date and set a plan to finally take T to a ball game. And boy was he excited about it!!! He watches the ball games on tv and loves it. I took him to one of Chad’s softball games at the beginning of summer and after we left Trace said “I liked Cardinals game Mommy.” Poor little guy had no idea how different the actual Card’s game would be compared to Chad’s Sunday night softball league. Ha!

The game was around lunchtime so we got downtown early and grabbed some burritos at Ballpark Village. Those burritos are to die for. Seriously so good. I had brought some waters in our backpack diaper bag so we took the burritos into the stadium to eat. Well the temperature was in the high 90s and we had bleacher seats. Absolutely no relief from the sun! Trace sat still for awhile while he took it all in. Then he started to get antsy. I packed lots of snacks for him, but we had to keep going for walks to keep him occupied.

All in all Trace did really good. He only made it until the 5th inning, but it really was very hot. Chad and I were uncomfortable so I can’t imagine how poor Trace felt. We went to the game knowing there was a good chance we wouldn’t see the end of it so we were completely ok with leaving early. Next time we take him it will be to an evening game! I think he’ll do much better when it isn’t unbearably hot.

Go Cards!!

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