Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Wedding Story {{ The Reception-Our Guests and Dancing. So Much Dancing }}

I think this picture sums up our reception perfectly. Fun was had by all, but I don't think anyone had more fun than I did. I talked to several of my married friends who said that their one regret with their wedding was not having as much fun as they had hoped. A few said that if they could go back they would stress less and just enjoy themselves. Well I decided I had worked so hard to make the reception wonderful and I'd be damned if I didn't enjoy it!!! The night went by in a blur, but I had a constant smile on my face and danced my ass off. So. Much. Fun.

 My sweet boy. I sure do love him.

Group shot. Spoiler alert... I didn't take my shot. I do not do straight tequila.

 I think this picture is sweet.

This is a picture of some of our nieces. So many girls in our family!

 I love all the Daddy-Daughter dancing pictures. So sweet!!

Notice the snowman in the background? There is a funny story coming about this!!!

These sweet girls came all the way from Nashville to celebrate!!!

Everyone in the picture below is a grade school friend/family member!! We all went to a small private school and some of us have remained pretty close!

I think it is safe to say that our reception was a success!!!!

***All pictures were taken by my wonderful photographers. Kim with Kim Smith Photography and Jackie with Autumn Photography. I cannot say enough good things about these two. They were very professional, but also fun at the same time. 

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