Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our Wedding Story {{ The Reception - Our Arrival, the Toasts and First Dances }}

Before we headed to the reception, our families went to a nearby winery to kill some time. We weren't sure how long everything would take and scheduled enough time in between so we wouldn't be rushing. Our photographers headed straight to the reception venue to snap some pictures of the decorations before our guests arrived. I only have two pictures of the winery...

My new cousin Nicki and myself.

My Aunt Amy and my cousin Hannah.

When we arrived to the reception, we were ushered in the side door to the bar. Chad and I were alone for about 30 minutes and had a couple drinks to relax. It was glorious.

Then we were announced! Our walk out song was Lady Antebellum-Our Kind of Love. I love this song. Chad has zero idea, but I kind of think of it as "our song."

My dad announced the toasts which were going to be given by my brother Nick and Chad's sister DJ. Since we didn't have a wedding party we weren't planning on having any toasts. The day before the wedding we decided to ask Nick and DJ to give them. Luckily DJ had been planning on it all along. And Nick.... well Nick hadn't planned a word, but pulled it off with flying colors. 

Notice I had my own personal bottle of champagne and Chad had his own personal pitcher of beer. This is how we roll. Remember I once told you I had never met a bottle of champagne I didn't like.

My brother sure does make me laugh.

Then it was time for our first dance. We danced to Shania Twain's You've Got a Way. My Aunt Amy sung the song and my grandpa planned the piano. It was beautiful.

Then Chad and his mom danced while my dad and I danced.

Next up... Our guests and dancing. Oh there was a lot of dancing.

***All pictures were taken by my wonderful photographers. Kim with Kim Smith Photography and Jackie with Autumn Photography. I cannot say enough good things about these two. They were very professional, but also fun at the same time. 

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