Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Bridal Shower

Let’s take a little trip shall we? Way back in June of 2013 my bridal shower was held. My sweet sister-in-law, Jacque, hosted the event. I first met Jacque in 2009. At the time she lived close by, but we didn’t see each other much. Flash forward to 2011. We were both pregnant at the same time and texted maybe a couple times a week. Now we are bffs and text constantly. Every. Single. Day. It turned out that Jacque and I are pretty much the same person with the exception of her love of Coke and my love of Pepsi. 

Here we are last weekend! 

Anyway, back to the shower….. She planned it all the way from Wisconsin! And it was everything I could have dreamed of.

Jacque created little recipe cards of the dishes that were served to give to each guest. Such a cute and thoughtful touch!!

Are you on cuteness overload yet? Well you will be.... there was a real live bird at the shower! Jacque's dad raises them and she thought this would be a cute touch. I loved it!

 Almost a year later and pictures of this cake still make me swoon. So pretty!

 That mason jar drink dispenser was a flea market find of mine. Only $15!!!

The famous cheeseball.

 Jacque is on the left. Chad's sister DJ on the right.
 My mom and sisters.

 My shower fell on my cousins Hannah's birthday. I surprised her with a brownie and candle and we all sang happy birthday to her. It's obvious how thrilled she was with this.

 Couple things here... 1) I'm an ugly crier. 2) My mother is a liar. She gifted me a handkerchief to use as my "something old" and said that it originally belonged to my great grandmother. Turns out she bought it at a thrift store and only claimed it was from my great grandma because it had a small stain on it. Who wants to own something with a stain unless it's a family heirloom? That's why she lied. Well I cried like the emotional bride to be I was. And then went home and scrubbed the stain so much it created a hole. I was sick about it! It finally came out that she was a liar later and made for a pretty funny story! 

Me giving the liar a hug.

A huge thank you to Jacque for throwing me such an awesome shower!!! And a thank you to everyone who helped her!!

***All pictures were taken by Kim with Kim Smith PhotographyI cannot say enough good things about her!!!!

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