Friday, May 30, 2014

High Five for Friday

Why does it seem like 4 day work weeks go by even slower than 5 day ones? I don’t get it. I am exhausted and so happy it’s Friday!

Last Friday I had a friend date with LeeAnn. We are both have young boys and have been friends for a long time. It was nice to spend some quality time with her. Our nights out sure have changed, but that just means we have to savor what little time we do get together. Oh and drink Mt. Dew with our wine so we stay awake!!!

On Saturday morning Chad went fishing so it was just my sweet boy and I all day. He loves going to the grocery store and getting  fresh doughnuts for breakfast. I hate doughnuts, but luckily Schnucks makes a mean Asiago cheese bagel. I love watching Trace eat a doughnut. He dives in and his whole face ends up so sticky. I love it!

I cleaned out Trace’s closet over the weekend. He got his hands on his Halloween costume. It was pretty funny to see him walking around dressed as The Hulk. He loved it.

I have been majorly dragging all week. I think I’m fighting off a cold or something. Anyway, sometimes you just need Pepsi and Cheetos to get you through the day. It sure helped me.

This week I became obsessed with these little gems. White chocolate chip hard shell filled with melty white chocolate. Dream. Come. True. They sell them at JoAnn’s Fabrics and I had to stop in there the other day to get some fabric and grabbed one. Luckily I had to go back in to return a canvas so I got this little treat twice this week!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!! XO!

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