Friday, May 2, 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday friends. This Friday is especially happy for me because I am off work. I have a fun day planned for a certain little boy. Soulard Market followed by the St. Louis Zoo with my friend Dawn. After Trace goes to bed tonight I have a hot date with a chick flick. Fun stuff. Here are the highlights for this week…

I have been planning on planting a garden this year since last summer. Well we had a ton of damage done to our brand new privacy fence during some terribly high winds in February. The whole fence now has to be re-installed. This put my garden plans on hold until next summer, but Chad and I did plant a tomato plant and a couple bell pepper plants. My dream is to one day live in the country where we can have a massive garden and a chicken coop. I want a chicken coop so freaking bad!!!! But for now I’m excited for homegrown tomatoes and bell peppers! 

When we were at Lowe’s getting the whiskey barrel pots Chad spotted this fun plant and just had to get it. I love it a lot. It’s called a ponytail palm.

We had some great weather last weekend and played outside quite a bit. I just love the picture  below of Trace blowing bubbles that I snapped. I also love these pictures from the park last weekend. Trace is obsessed with the slides. He is such a big boy now.

We are obsessed with the specialty popcorn place near our house. We typically buy the beer cheese flavor, but this time I grabbed a bag of loaded potato. Man it was good. Like really, really good. Popcorn with bacon bits… yes please.

I had two short dates with my little man this week. One to our favorite frozen yogurt place, Orange Leaf. I didn't get a picture of Trace's choice of frozen yogurt choice, but it did involve a big scoop of fruity pebbles. The other to get cupcakes at The Cup. Grasshopper cupcake for me and red velvet Cardinals themed cupcake for T. I love having one on one time with him!!

Hope you  have a great weekend!!

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