Friday, May 9, 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday friends!!!! We are tackling the remodel of another room in our house so I'm pretty beat. Tonight is going to be a long night and we have tons of projects on our list for this weekend. I am hoping to sneak in some mushroom hunting though!!! Hope you all had a great week. Here are some of the hi-lights of my week...

I made my first batch of homemade enchilada sauce. I loved it and will never use enchilada sauce from a can. I made a new dish this week using it. It was very good and I'm hoping to share it with you all next week.

My mom and I went for pedicures followed by dinner on Wednesday night. After dinner we decided to go surprise my sister at the bar she works at. We had so much fun!!!! My mom and my sister are two of my favorite people and it was so nice to get some extra time with them this week. I am a lucky girl!!!

Chad's dad gave us some morel mushrooms this week. Morels are a rare treat for us. We ate these suckers up quick!!

 We had some great weather this week and ate most of our meals in our backyard. This little guy loves eating dinner in his little play house. I love this little phase of his. 

I picked up a bag of freezer pops this week. Trace has finally mastered them and loves sucking up the juice after the ice is gone. I love having an endless supply of freezer pops. I am obsessed with the lime green ones and the light pink ones. Last night I ate a light pink one in bed in my pjs. Ha! See the fence supports in the background? We had some damage to our privacy fence in Feb during some high winds and have to repair the entire thing. Huge bummer.

I hope you all have a great weekend! XO!

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