Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Wedding Story {{ Getting Ready, the Dress & the Trains }}

I'm going to be honest here. I hated trying on wedding dresses. HATED IT. I thought I had picked out the dress that I wanted, but when I tried it on... It was awful. Luckily, my friend Jenni works at the bridal shop we went to. She knows me and knows my style. She picked out several dresses for me to try on and I managed to find one that I loved a crazy amount. It was simple, yet pretty. Perfect.

I originally planned on wearing cowboy boots, but later changed my mind. Our wedding was on July 27. July in the Midwest is typically brutal. Very hot and very, very humid. I thought that cowboy boots would be way too hot and that I needed to try and stay as cool as possible since our wedding ceremony was outdoors. Little did we know that it was going to be in the mid 70's that day with a light breeze. Perfect wedding weather and it would have been perfect cowboy boot weather had my dress not been hemmed for flats. I got my wedding shoes at DSW for dirt cheap. Like $30. They ended up being perfect.  

Now this is where things got tense. I was nervous and becoming a crab ass. I don't handle stress well. Ask the hubs or my mom if you don't believe me. And when I'm crabby I have a tendency to make everyone around me crabby as well. See my mom's face? Yep pretty sure I rubbed off on her.

Have you ever seen my fake smile? Well here it is. Not very pretty. I wish I could go back and enjoy getting ready and not let my bad attitude get in the way.

At least some people were having a good time!

I really love this picture. S and my brother.

Once dressed, I started to relax a bit. Thank God for that. 

Well I was relaxed, until on our drive to the ceremony we were stopped by a train. Now friends, I am never late. Never. I think that on time is considered late. I am early the majority of the time. Well the majority of the time, excluding my wedding. The one event that I really needed to be on time for. Ugh. We kept trying to take alternate routes to try and catch the end of the trail or get past it at the beginning. At every stop there was a damn train. And it got even better. These were double tracks and there was a train on the other track too. The icing on the cake.... the second train was at a dead stop. Neat. 

I swear I just stared at the clock and watched the minutes pass. I was starting to sweat and really just wanted to cry. I just wanted to get to the ceremony! 

Luckily, my brother had a cooler with some Coors Light. I slammed one on the side of the road in my wedding dress like any classy bride would do. And finally the trains passed. And the hubs still gives me hell about being late to my own wedding.

Next up... our ceremony

***All pictures (except train pictures) were taken by my wonderful photographers. 
Kim with Kim Smith Photography and Jackie with Autumn Photography. I cannot say enough good things about these two. They were very professional, but also fun at the same time. 

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