Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Wedding Story {{ The Ceremony }}

I've already shared the details on our decorations so here pictures of the actual ceremony going down. 
We were blessed with beautiful weather which is pretty much unheard of in late July in the Midwest. Seriously. I think the high was 73 or something crazy like that. It's usually 100 degrees out at that time of year!!!

I'll sit back and let the pictures tell the story...

I love the picture below. Believe it or not... I used to be shy.

I also love this picture. Bird seed throwing in action. Great executive decision Jenni! I had originally requested to have the bird seed tossing saved until after pictures so I didn't have seeds in my hair, but my friend Jenni decided that throwing it out when we walked down the pictures would be fun and make for some neat pictures. And she was right! 

Chad and I asked my brother Nick and his sister DJ to sign our marriage license as our witnesses since we didn't have a wedding party.

Next up... family pictures!

***All pictures were taken by my wonderful photographers. 
Kim with Kim Smith Photography and Jackie with Autumn Photography. I cannot say enough good things about these two. They were very professional, but also fun at the same time.