Friday, March 28, 2014

High Five for Friday

Hi there!

 1) Tonight my friend Dawn is coming over so I can finally watch Catching Fire. She’s already seen it, but let me twist her arm to get her to watch it again. Not. She’s just as excited as I am.

 2) I have worked out on lunch every day this week and burned 600 calories during each 40 min workout. I’m beat today, but it was worth it. I feel great.

 3) Funny T story….We had a little rain/stormy weather yesterday morning. He hasn’t heard thunder in awhile and I’m pretty sure he forgot what it was. So him and I were walking to my car in the morning so he could go to his baby-sitter’s. I was on one side of the car and he was on the other. There was a big clap of thunder and he took off sprinting for the house. His arms and legs were going crazy. I got to his side of the car and called for him. He looked back at me with crazy eyes, but continued to run for the house. I called him again and he came running back to me screaming “Monsters!!!!” while doing the Michael Jordan running through the air thing, jumping into my arms. I felt bad that he was so scared, but it was so freaking cute at the same time.

 4) Tomorrow I have my friend Katy’s pampered chef party and it’s going to be fun. I don’t often get out on the weekends so I’m looking forward to it.

 5) My little sister turned 24 today. I can’t believe it. Feel free to wish her a happy birthday in the comment section! We’re going to lunch on Sunday to celebrate which will be a lot of fun. 

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