Monday, December 19, 2011

Annual Girl's Liquor Exchange

Every year my mom, our girlfriends and I get together for a liquor exchange. Its always so much fun!!!! This year Betty hosted (thanks Betty!). Betty lives in a huge house in the middle of a moat. Its haunted.... for real. Her house used to be a school and then a bunch of gangsters lived there after that. I'm thinking Betty should do a guest post about her house because her stories are something else. Anyway, Betty just had a new addition built on to the house and that's where we had our party. In the past we had always gone out, but this year a new tradition was born. Every year is now a potluck and we are all going to take turns hosting. I brought my favorite spinach and artichoke dip. Recipe found here. I forgot my camera, but everyone else took a few pictures.

I'm already excited about next year's party!
XO! - Jess

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  1. so... this looks super fun, but i'm not sure about the beatnik santa... ?