Sunday, November 20, 2011

Its Me!

Why hello there. I have managed to create a blog post for the first time in a month. I currently average one post every month. Things have been pretty crazy around here. 

Someone is now 2 months old! He's been quite the busy baby.

 He likes to projectile spit up all over me and the couch frequently.

 He doesn't like it when I have to put him down to clean up the spit-up.

 Someone has become quite the chunker. At 7 weeks he clocked in at 15 lbs!

 We had some family pictures taken.

The Cardinals won the World Series!

I got a fancy camera and have been practicing photography. I'm not terrible, but I'm not good either.

 Somebody was a banana for Halloween and not happy about it.

 Somebody used to sleep a lot, but now prefers to be awake even if he is super sleepy.

We had our first family trip to the zoo.

 Somebody wore a tuxedo onesie and looked pretty dang cute in it.

 Someone is starting to love his play gym. (Baby tie-dye makes me swoon.)

 And my favorite.... that little someone has learned how to smile and it just melts my heart every time.

Man I love this boy!

I have some new posts in the works and maybe even a guest post or two (Hi Mom!). I promise I am trying to get my act together w/ this blog, but its been super hard w/ raising sweet baby T and working 40 hours a week. Be patient.... I'm not gone! :-)
XO! - Jess


  1. Omg- that barf shot is intense.

    I love the one sleeping on the highchair! Did you get that chair at the thrift store?