Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Things Are Just Not Meant to Be

Sadly the "pee" chair and I just weren't meant to be friends. After ripping out all the stain colored fabric I was ready to get started covering it with navy blue corduroy. Man wasn't that original fabric nasty? 

Under that nasty fabric I discovered these little bastards. These are what size staples that were holding the whole shebang together. I've never seen staples this big. I was able to remove some of them, but my fingers were covered in blisters and the staples broke my needlenose, jewelry making pliers. In comes Chad. He started removing the rest of the staples and THEN the wood started falling apart. I almost cried. The chair was only $3 on a thrifting trip, but I had this image in my head of what it could be and was pretty excited about it. The image in my head was not of the chair laying in the dumpster where it currently is. I may or may not have started singing "Na na na na hey hey hey good-bye" when Chad took it to the dumpster.

Ignore my swollen fingers in this picture. The heat index was 110 when I took this picture yesterday. Now...... any ideas on what to do with 2 yards of navy blue corduroy? 

Happy Monday! 


  1. lots of little blue corduroy overalls? ; )

    sorry bout the chair. that's a bummer!!

  2. window treatment? throw pillow? stuffed animal??