Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Updated To-Do List!

1. Finish making the crib mobile
2. Finish painting the wooden high chair
3. Finish the "pee chair" (Monday?)
4. Make some onsies (I have one done, but two in the works)
5. Finish sewing the felt owl
6. Make an owl picture for the nursery w/ S's help
7. Finish cake stand #2 (Monday?)
8. Start the process of redoing the vintage port-a-crib (Need to work up a lot of energy to tackle this project!)
9. Clean up my 2 thrift store lamps
10. Start and hopefully finish knitting a baby blanket
11. Make an owl blanket for the baby  (I have the one done, but have decided to make a second one.)
12. Make a soap dispenser for the kitchen using one of my thrifting Mason jars
13. Clean up and paint the wooden silverware tray
14. Make pillows out of the thrifted cloth napkins I bought
15. Make a blue liner for the thrifted picnic basket (Tomorrow?)

I love checking stuff of the list!

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