Friday, July 22, 2011

I Made Some Pillows

The yellow pillows started out as hand towels from Target. The brown and tan square ones were cloth napkins from Wal-Mart. The flower print ones were clearance napkins from World Market. And the front blue flower pillow on the bed started out as a napkin from Kohl's. The red, white and blue pillow was a napkin from World Market. All you do is iron whatever it is you're using. Fold in half the wrong side out and iron. Sew along 2 of the edges and 1/2 of the 3rd edge. Then turn right side out, stuff with fiber fill and hand stitch close. Make sure you put enough stuffing inside! The couch pillows had to be cut open and re-stuffed because I didn't fill them up enough!!!!

Here is the only before picture of our bed I could find. I am soooooo ready to pack the ugly pregnancy pillows away!

And here is after! I love how the colors really brighten the room up. I made the pillow up front too, but I forgot to take a close up picture of it.

 This is what our bed really looks like on a daily basis. Hate the ugly preggo pillows!!!!!

Each of these pillows cost $3 max to make!!!!

Happy Weekend Friends!
XO! -Jess


  1. happy weekend! great job on the pillows! i love the idea of using napkins. : )

    and hey, if the pregnancy pillows help you to sleep comfortably, they can't be ugly! ; )

  2. Your grandfather thinks you are a genius. I think you are cool too.