Monday, June 20, 2011

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

This was pretty much one of the easiest projects I've ever done. 
What you need:
Mason jar
Clean lotion pump that is roughly the same height as the Mason Jar
Needle nose pliers
Paint (optional)
Waterproof acrylic finish (optional)

Step 1) Hammer the nail into the center of the lid to make a small hole. 
Step 2) Use the pliers to make the hole big enough to fit the lotion pump through it. 
Step 3 Optional) Paint the lid. Mine was gold which I didn't like. I used cheap acrylic paint and when it dried sprayed on an acrylic glossy finish to protect from water.
Step 4) Glue the lotion pump to the lid. I used hot glue and it doesn't seem to be holding as tightly as I'd like. I may end up ripping the glue off and trying a different type of glue.

 And the finish product!!!!

Jar- $.75 at a Salvation Army
Pump- FREE! I saved it after my last lotion bottle went empty.
Paint- Had on hand
Glue- Had on hand
Acrylic Finish- Had on hand
Hammer, nail and pliers- Had on hand

Total cost of project was a whopping $.75!!!!!

I love our new kitchen soap dispenser! 
XO! - Jess

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