Thursday, June 16, 2011

I No Longer Cook, My Giant To-Do List and the Most Naked I Will EVER Be Online

Remember the days I used to make stuff like crab stuffed orange roughy and parmesan crusted chicken? Well those days are over. We now eat junk like hot dogs and pizza bagels. And believe me.... that's good eating around here! Most nights you will find me digging around in the freezer for frozen chicken strips or in the local Taco Bell drive thru or eating cereal just because its easy. My feet are swollen. My back is KILLING me slowly. I feel like the baby is pushing apart my ribs one by one. I. Am. Uncomfortable. But I'm also starving. I will eat whatever I can get my hands on. 

My current favorite meal is this bad boy. First I carmalize a vidalia onion. Then I sit my ass at the kitchen table and instruct Chad how I want the rest of the meal done. I like my hot dogs cut in half and cooked in the leftover juices from cooking the onion.  Then I want a slice of American cheese ripped in half and placed on the bun before the hot dog. This is amazing! I had my first hot dog last August and I haven't looked back. 

Tuesday night, Chad went to his sister's house for dinner. I was too tired to do much of anything. Since I was completely famished and too lazy to do much about it, there wasn't much to pick from for my dinner. I came up with this. Egg bagel, pizza sauce, garlic powder and parmesean cheese. Not my best meal to date, but it worked. 

 Since I have been hitting up lots of thrift stores and yard sales I have a lot of craft projects in the works. I'm not letting myself hit up any sales until I finish at least 5 of these projects.
Here is my huge list....
1. Finish making the crib mobile
2. Finish painting the wooden high chair
3. Finish the "pee chair"
4. Make some onsies
5. Finish sewing the felt owl
6. Make an owl picture for the nursery w/ S's help
7. Finish cake stand #2
8. Start the process of redoing the vintage port-a-crib
9. Clean up my 2 thrift store lamps
10. Start and hopefully finish knitting a baby blanket
11. Make an owl blanket for the baby
12. Make a soap dispenser for the kitchen using one of my thrifting Mason jars
13. Clean up and paint the wooden silverware tray
14. Make pillows out of the thrifted cloth napkins I bought
15. Make a blue liner for the thrifted picnic basket

Notice how many times I used the word finish. I need to finish something before moving on to the next project!!

And finally............ the most naked I will ever be online.
My 26 week picture taken Saturday! I'm HUGE!

Happy Wednesday lovies! XO! Jess

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