Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adventures in Thrifting - Take 2

 Guess who made another trip to the Good Will Outlet? This girl! The deals weren't quite as great as the last time, but a deal is a deal! I found this funky picnic basket, a few mason jars, some cloth napkins, and some stuff for the baby. 

I also found a wooden silverware tray to replace the junky plastic one we own. And this picture for the kitchen. Not sure if I'm going to keep it as is or what I'm going to do with it.

This lamp matches the colors of the nursery. It just needs a new lamp shade.

I think these shoes are amazing! They won't fit him for a few years, but oh well. I couldn't pass them up.

Here is a few of my favorite finds of the day. 2 sweaters and an old Mustang shirt for the baby!

And this is the purchase of the day! Let's call it the pee chair. Man this sucker is GROSS!!!!!!! But at $3 I looked at it and saw major possibility.Its a child's chair in case you can't tell from the picture. I saw this bad boy and pictured it covered in a navy or brown color. I really like the idea of doing a chevron print, but I don't think it would go well with our couch. I'm still working on my final idea, but I will say that the pee covered yellow fabric is mostly gone! Any suggestions on what to reupholster this in????

XO!!! Jess


  1. I think you're onto something with the navy or brown, but it could also be neat to do a fun print! When you're at the fabric store rub the fabric together (like you're scrubbing a stain) and see how if it pills/unravels/looks bad. You'll want to durable fabric for this kind of thing! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  2. ps- started a new blog...

  3. love the blue cardigan and the mustang shirt.

    as for the chair- i'm with you on the brown or dark blue, and i think i would probably lean towards a wide wale corduroy. (fyi- the fabric i found for my chairs was grouped in the "outside canvas" section, which i assume is supposed to be more durable. you might want to check those out too.)

  4. i like the corduroy thought there! and those shoes, those shoes are perfectly adorable! actually, they kinda go w/ the sweater... heh. : )