Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lately....... (Warning Picture Heavy!)

Things have been crazy busy lately. And as usual I keep forgetting to blog. Here's what I've been up to......

I was part of a 3 family yard sale yesterday. I was hoping to walk away with an extra $100, but I actually doubled that. It was very hard work to get ready for the sale, but worth it. Everything that didn't sell got dropped off at our local Salvation Army.

We picked out our infant seat/travel system pattern. I am so in love with these little blue owls. We actually bought this before we knew the baby was going to be a boy. Even though its blue, I think it would be precious for a little girl sometime in the distant future.

I started my new craft project. Here is a sneak peek.

I caught my first fish!!!! Its a Walleye.

Chad and I went mushroom hunting. Morel mushrooms taste sooooooooo delish!

Our sweet little baby boy has gotten so many gifts already!!!!
I am in love with the stud muffin onsie my mom bought for him!
This romper is precious! A gift from Chad's cousin Crystal.

We have known the baby is a boy for less than a week and he already owns all this! This is what 52 pieces of clothing looks like. I can't believe he already has that much. Its all lots of different sizes so some of it won't fit for a year or so after birth.

This hat makes me swoon! Oh yeah and he already owns 5 hats. 

I've been lucky enough to spend lots of time with my favorite girl.

Chocolate face modeling her new headband I made.

You know what sucks? Going to a wine tasting and not being able to drink. This wine tasting also had beer that was available for taste along with a whiskey booth. Shot to the heart.
Other things that have been going on....
1) Woke up bright and early to watch the royal wedding with my mom. Amazing! Kate is just plain gorgeous. I love that she kept her dress somewhat simple. I kind of expected it to be a little over the top, but it was perfect! Instead of celebrating with tea and scones we chose homemade pizza and some fried zuchinni. Delish!
2) Chad and I registered today. I was super excited for it, but it was a huge pain in the ass. We got through the nursery part of the registering when our gun died so we had to start over. The store gave us a guide to go by, but some of it seemed pretty excessive. And man is baby stuff expensive!!!!! We both hated putting so much expensive stuff on our registry because it just seems greedy. The store lets you buy anything left on the registry after your shower with 10% off so we wanted the option of buying later at discount. My favorite part of today was when we found  our crib!! Man is it precious! And at $179 it is definitely a steal compared to most that cost over $500. The crib we chose also converts into a toddler bed and later you can use the back piece as a full size headboard. All in all it took us just over 2 hours to finish at the store. We still had more to pick, but I was DONE and crabby. 

Last picture.... me at 20 weeks. We're half way there!!!!!!!


  1. oh goodness! those owls are adorable!! as are you at the halfway point -woohoo!! : )

    way to go on the converter bed for less than $200, that is awesome!

    hope you have a blessed week, jess! : )

  2. 1) Baby boy has even more stuff coming from us, because there's a lot of stuff Abram has outgrown! :)

    2) That owl print is SOOOO cute!

    3) I agree that registering is a pain in the ass and it does feel greedy. It's fun at first, but then it gets tiring fast. That's why I liked that I could do the initial registering in the store but then add/delete stuff online! lol

    4) Being around drinking when you're pregnant and can't drink is not much fun...remember when I went to your birthday shindig last year while pregnant? You were drinking and having a good ole time...and one of your gag gifts was a pregnancy test! Isn't it ironic??? ;)