Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feraro's Jersey Style Pizza

Thanks for playing my picture game. Every person picked the picture I like best! I'm going to get it blown up and framed soon!

Last week my mom, sister and I went for some Jersey style pizza at Feraro's. I forgot to take a picture of the restaurant. Its a very small place with maybe only 10 tables inside. There is a patio that seats quite a bit and during the window the put a tent over the patio and have heaters out. I love me some pizza by the slice and this place has the best St. Louis has to offer. 

Our garlic knots.... AMAZING.

My slice of cheese. Normally I am so full off of the one slice and the garlic knots, but being preggo and all I could have eaten 3 more slices of pie.

 Group shot..

 The tables are all covered in paper so you can color while you wait for your food.

 My sister, Libby, drew a Plankton for our sweet baby Plankton.

If you're in the St. Louis area and are craving some pizza by the slice head to Feraro's. You will heart it! 
XO! - Jess

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  1. My friend's family owns Feraros! I haven't been there yet but need to go check it out. Looks delicious! Hope you are doing well!

    -Jenny Beausang