Friday, May 20, 2011

Felt Alphabet Magnets!

Lately I've been seeing handmade felt alphabet magnets everywhere! I was looking for something to make to practice my newly learned ability to hand sew. These were perfect for that!  I started by picking the perfect font on one of my Cricut cartridges. I cut out one of every letter and number on my Cricut. I then traced them onto felt. I traced one the correct way and one backwards. That way the marker isn't visible on the finished magnet. I cut them out using very sharp scissors and started to sew them together. If the letter or number has a circle in the middle such as an R or a 9 then start on the inside first. Stuff as you go with fiber fill. I used a pair of needle nose pliers to make stuffing a little easier. You don't want to stuff too full because the seams will start to gap open. As you are sewing and stuffing you'll want to place a magnet in a position that will allow the magnet to hang properly. Make sure the magnet is strong enough to hold through the felt! After you finishing stitching just tie a knot and the magnet is ready to go!

Cutting the letters out.

All the freshly cut letters.

An example of how to trace the letter onto the felt.

And done! 

They aren't perfect, but I don't think S will mind :-)

Happy Friday! - Jess

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