Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adventures in Thrifting

Yesterday my friend Crystal and I went thrifting! But first I did a little "dumpster diving" by my apartment and found this beauty. It needed a screw tightened, some Hostess Ding Dong removal and a scrub down. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but it was free and we needed end tables!

After my dumpster diving, Crystal and I headed to the new Good Will outlet in downtown St. Louis. The store is filled with tons of big blue bins full of stuff. The bins get changed out several times a day and the large items get changed daily. You have to majorly dig through the bins which got a little annoying, but once our cart started filling up we didn't mind too much. And the prices are amazing! So much better than the normal Good Will stores.
I forgot to take a picture of my stuffed to the brim car or our cart, but here are some pictures of my finds. Tons of clothes and a pair of shoes for Plankton, a pizza paddle, fruit basket(to be painted), lamp, cornucopia, baby changing pad, a new pan for my counter top pizza cooker, something to organize my crafting ribbon, a plate and a small vase to make a homemade cake stand.  

This beauty was a whopping $3. Picture it painted rustic yellow in a field for baby pictures. 

My goal of the day was to find an old wooden highchair. Mission accomplished!!!!!! I cleaned it last night and plan on sanding it this week.

Picture it painted this color blue! Ah! I love!

Crystal made a hall too! I really wish I would have gotten a picture of her loot, but her goal was to find some vintage suitcases and she accomplished it! Can't wait to go back to the outlet for more fun!!! 
XO! - Jess


  1. i'm a big time thrifter- half of furniture/ decor in my house comes from thrift stores. i think it's a great way to a) save money, b) give to a worthy cause, and c) find cool vintage items. -like that baby crib. LOOOOOOVE IT.

    it sounds like you get better deals out there. here in southern california, thrift stores have caught on that hipsters love to shop thrift, so everything is way marked up. that crib would probably be closer to $50 over here. sads.

  2. oh, love the high chair! can't wait to see everything painted & all! : )

  3. Jess, I SERIOUSLY want to go to that Goodwill with you! For REALS!