Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Fall Project Turned Spring Project

Remember the sneak peak at my fall project? Seen here. Well fall turned to winter. I got pregnant and had zero motivation to do much other than work. Then winter turned to spring. I started to get sick of looking at a pile of fabric taking up space in my closet, but still had no motivation to do anything with it. Then I started looking at crib bedding online. Turns out the only bedding for cribs that I like the look of is the $300 priced ones on etsy. Sooooo I decided to make my own. Problem was that I already had a sewing project "in the works." Oh and the fact that I had only sewn one thing. This dodgy looking apron. So the decision was to finish my king size quilt because that's the next logical step after sewing an apron. Right? Right. I started piecing together the pieces March 25th and finished April 5th. Not bad considering it took me from Labor Day 2010 til mid March 2011 to get all the fabric pressed and cut. I am really happy I attempted this project because I pretty much taught myself how to use my sewing machine in the process. I messed up A LOT. There was a lot of cursing and kicking and maybe a little crying. Hey I'm hormonal right now! There may or may not have been a cry fest that ended with me eating half a bag of Cheetos. But I did it!!!! I finished!!!! I opted to fill the quilt with fiber fill instead of the traditional batting. I wanted a more comforter feel to it. I love how the bright colors brighten our room. Right now its a little too fluffy for our taste, but if it doesn't flatten itself out in a few weeks I can always remove some of the filling. What do you guys think????

Thanks to those who played my name game yesterday! There were lots of great choices, but nobody guessed our names in the process! It was fun to see other people's suggestions.
Lots of love! - Jess

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