Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's Play the Baby Name Game

Hi friends!!!! Today we are going to play the baby name game. 19 days til we find out if our little nugget is a boy or a girl. We have our names ready, but I'm not saying what they are just yet. My mom suggested I play this little game and I'm curious to hear my blog friends suggestions ( TILTE I'm talking to you!)
Now go!!!!!!!
Oh and because blogs are more fun with pictures here I am at 17 weeks......
Now go ahead and tell me I look great and am all belly and everything else about me is super skinny. And please ignore my pasty white feet.
Lots of love!!!! - Jess


  1. oOoOoOoooh, now i'm on the spot!

    well, i feel like i would need to know the last name before i can give any truly accurate guesses. and we all know i won't be sharing any of my own baby name possibilities because i'm selfish like that.

    with that said... i'm going to go with...


    did i get any right???

  2. believe feet are whiter...

    what about...jacob? lucy? or lola?