Monday, April 25, 2011

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

 Lately I have seen all kinds of cute ideas for announcing a baby's gender. Most recently, in the Food Network magazine, I saw the idea to have the ultrasound tech write down the gender and seal it in an envelope and then take the envelope to a bakery and have a gender reveal cake made. That way you can find out the gender along with all your friends and family. I like that idea, but there is no way I could wait days to get the cake made and then wait to have a family get together. So I took matters into my own hands. I made two boxes of cake mix (48 cupcakes) and using a melon baller I removed the center of the cupcake. I took canned frosting and dyed some of it blue and some of it pink. Using a Ziploc bag with a tiny corner cut out, I piped the dyed frosting into the center of the cupcakes. I then covered the cupcakes in white cream cheese frosting to hide the color of the dye. I finished off my gender reveal cupcakes with blue and pink sprinkles. I cheated and used store bought for everything. One tip for making store bought cake mix taste better is to add a small packet of pudding mix to the cake mix before baking. It keeps it moist. Anyway...... I'm leaving for my big doctor's appointment in a little over an hour and have 24 pink cupcakes and 24 blue cupcakes ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Stay tuned to see if blue or pink cupcakes were used!
XO!!! Jess


  1. I can't wait to bite into one!

  2. hey! i saw something just like this last night on one of those fancy cake maker shows. only instead of using colored filling, they just added food coloring to the cake batter itself. so when you cut in, the whole inside of the cake is either blue or pink.

    their cake (blue) was too wild colored and didn't look as appetizing as yours.

    so... BLUE OR PINK?!?!?!

  3. Love it! As an added bonus, the cupcakes look delicious!