Monday, April 11, 2011

Framing Fabric

I had lots of fabric scraps left after making my quilt. A few of the bigger scrapes had pretty pictures in the actual fabric so I knew I wanted to display them somehow. I just wasn't sure how. I was at my parent's house recently. It could have been last week. It could have been 3 months ago. I now have "pregnancy brain" where I forget EVERYTHING. For example I decided I couldn't live without a baked potato last Friday so I made one in the microwave. 6 hours later when I went to use the microwave I found the cooked potato that I couldn't live without hours earlier. Turns out I didn't want it bad enough to remember to eat it after the timer went off. Anyway while at my parent's house I saw my mom's embroidery project she has been working on in her embroidery hoop. I decided to give framing in an embroidery hoop a try. I bought 3 hoops that were dirt cheap. Like maybe $1 for each. Put on my pregnancy crafting mask so my baby love doesn't come in contact with any smelly/harmful fumes. Stained the hoops. Ironed the fabric. And turns out I really like this little idea.

Don't judge how hoosier I look.


And after!!!! I love it! I'm going to wait to hang these little guys up because we are house hunting. Apparently babies and their stuff take up a lot of space. Sooo we need a bigger place. FYI last night we looked up the sex offender list for possible future house locations. That site is scary!!!! I was completely surprised by how many sex offenders are in our little town. 

Happy Monday! XO! - Jess


  1. taking me forever to catch up w/ blog posts lately! LOVE the quilt, and the fabric artwork. soooo pretty! i'm addicted to blankets, tho, and quilts are my favorite. am slightly jealous you got to make one. ; )

    oh! and love the names everyone came up w/. i like paige, lillian or lilian for a girl and logan or challen for a boy. i'm sure those aren't right because no one's taken me up on the "challen" thing yet, but hey!

    happy pregnancy!

  2. OMG they are so pretty, who would have thought
    The picture of you with the Mask is sooooooooo funny, great idea but i can't stop laughing.
    As far as sex offenders, now you understand why when you were at our house in the city and walking to Mary Miller's house alone. I worried and made you call. there are a lot of perverts out there. You will stay on top of it.