Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Color Was the Inside of Our Cupcakes?!?!?!!?!?!

 Yesterday was quite the experience. 

There were BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a pain to make all of our stops, but we would do it again. I loved making it personal for everyone who lives close by. I will always remember when family and friends took that bite of their cupcake and saw blue. Chad and I are over the moon excited. I kept waking up in the middle of the night and I would just lay there and smile. Have a great day....  I know we will!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
XO! Jess
Oh and if anyone wants a pink filled cupcake let me know! We have 24 of them laying around. :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

 Lately I have seen all kinds of cute ideas for announcing a baby's gender. Most recently, in the Food Network magazine, I saw the idea to have the ultrasound tech write down the gender and seal it in an envelope and then take the envelope to a bakery and have a gender reveal cake made. That way you can find out the gender along with all your friends and family. I like that idea, but there is no way I could wait days to get the cake made and then wait to have a family get together. So I took matters into my own hands. I made two boxes of cake mix (48 cupcakes) and using a melon baller I removed the center of the cupcake. I took canned frosting and dyed some of it blue and some of it pink. Using a Ziploc bag with a tiny corner cut out, I piped the dyed frosting into the center of the cupcakes. I then covered the cupcakes in white cream cheese frosting to hide the color of the dye. I finished off my gender reveal cupcakes with blue and pink sprinkles. I cheated and used store bought for everything. One tip for making store bought cake mix taste better is to add a small packet of pudding mix to the cake mix before baking. It keeps it moist. Anyway...... I'm leaving for my big doctor's appointment in a little over an hour and have 24 pink cupcakes and 24 blue cupcakes ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Stay tuned to see if blue or pink cupcakes were used!
XO!!! Jess

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rolled Fabric Headbands

Step 1) Cut fabric into strips. I chose to do some 1 inch width and some 2 inch width.

Step 2) Fold strips in half lengthwise and iron them down. Don't iron on the carpet like I did! (Mom if you read this I need an ironing board for Christmas!) 

Step 3) Start by twisting and turning the fabric on one side and glue periodically with a glue gun. Make sure you are rolling and twisting tightly! Let glue dry. Cut out small pieces of felt to glue to the back of your rolled flowers. After gluing the flowers to the felt then you glue the felt to the headband annnnnnd ta da!

New headbands for S's Easter basket!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

11 Days.....

..... until we find out if our baby love is a boy or a girl. Phoebe or Phoebo?!?! Not that I'm counting or anything :-)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Framing Fabric

I had lots of fabric scraps left after making my quilt. A few of the bigger scrapes had pretty pictures in the actual fabric so I knew I wanted to display them somehow. I just wasn't sure how. I was at my parent's house recently. It could have been last week. It could have been 3 months ago. I now have "pregnancy brain" where I forget EVERYTHING. For example I decided I couldn't live without a baked potato last Friday so I made one in the microwave. 6 hours later when I went to use the microwave I found the cooked potato that I couldn't live without hours earlier. Turns out I didn't want it bad enough to remember to eat it after the timer went off. Anyway while at my parent's house I saw my mom's embroidery project she has been working on in her embroidery hoop. I decided to give framing in an embroidery hoop a try. I bought 3 hoops that were dirt cheap. Like maybe $1 for each. Put on my pregnancy crafting mask so my baby love doesn't come in contact with any smelly/harmful fumes. Stained the hoops. Ironed the fabric. And turns out I really like this little idea.

Don't judge how hoosier I look.


And after!!!! I love it! I'm going to wait to hang these little guys up because we are house hunting. Apparently babies and their stuff take up a lot of space. Sooo we need a bigger place. FYI last night we looked up the sex offender list for possible future house locations. That site is scary!!!! I was completely surprised by how many sex offenders are in our little town. 

Happy Monday! XO! - Jess

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Fall Project Turned Spring Project

Remember the sneak peak at my fall project? Seen here. Well fall turned to winter. I got pregnant and had zero motivation to do much other than work. Then winter turned to spring. I started to get sick of looking at a pile of fabric taking up space in my closet, but still had no motivation to do anything with it. Then I started looking at crib bedding online. Turns out the only bedding for cribs that I like the look of is the $300 priced ones on etsy. Sooooo I decided to make my own. Problem was that I already had a sewing project "in the works." Oh and the fact that I had only sewn one thing. This dodgy looking apron. So the decision was to finish my king size quilt because that's the next logical step after sewing an apron. Right? Right. I started piecing together the pieces March 25th and finished April 5th. Not bad considering it took me from Labor Day 2010 til mid March 2011 to get all the fabric pressed and cut. I am really happy I attempted this project because I pretty much taught myself how to use my sewing machine in the process. I messed up A LOT. There was a lot of cursing and kicking and maybe a little crying. Hey I'm hormonal right now! There may or may not have been a cry fest that ended with me eating half a bag of Cheetos. But I did it!!!! I finished!!!! I opted to fill the quilt with fiber fill instead of the traditional batting. I wanted a more comforter feel to it. I love how the bright colors brighten our room. Right now its a little too fluffy for our taste, but if it doesn't flatten itself out in a few weeks I can always remove some of the filling. What do you guys think????

Thanks to those who played my name game yesterday! There were lots of great choices, but nobody guessed our names in the process! It was fun to see other people's suggestions.
Lots of love! - Jess

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's Play the Baby Name Game

Hi friends!!!! Today we are going to play the baby name game. 19 days til we find out if our little nugget is a boy or a girl. We have our names ready, but I'm not saying what they are just yet. My mom suggested I play this little game and I'm curious to hear my blog friends suggestions ( TILTE I'm talking to you!)
Now go!!!!!!!
Oh and because blogs are more fun with pictures here I am at 17 weeks......
Now go ahead and tell me I look great and am all belly and everything else about me is super skinny. And please ignore my pasty white feet.
Lots of love!!!! - Jess