Monday, March 7, 2011

This is BIG News That Involves 2 Pink Lines and a Blue X.

Yep..... I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby is due September 14th and we couldn't be more excited. Oh and yes this is the change I was talking about. I'm so excited and happy to share it with you guys!

The pretty flowers and card from my parents.

Aldo thinks that all the new pregnancy pillows are for her. 

The size of my prenatal vitamins that make me choke every time. 

Annnnnnddddddddd my belly at 9.5 weeks!!!!!!!!!! 
Let's hope that the Gosselin sextuplets aren't in there!!!!!!

Purple shirt is 11 week belly.

And these are my 12 week pictures.........

I found preggo skinny leg jeans and am super excited! Maternity jeans rock. I started wearing them before I was even showing. They are so comfortable I could sleep in them. And yes those are zebra stilettos. I am going to rock them until I topple over. 

Now go ahead... be happy for me. And if you're not then just fake it.
XO!- Jess, Chad and Baby Plankton


  1. holy moly!!! am i dumb for totally NOT expecting this??? i thought your big news was that you got a new kitchen appliance or something. i'm so dumb sometimes. :)

    congratulations- i'm SO happy for you. and btw, you look GREAT. i wish i looked half as great as you and i'm not even pregnant. <3

  2. You are too funny "You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun"!! If I didn't know I would of thought the same thing! Screw the kitchen appliances and cooking,,,,there are bigger fish to fry now.
    Can't wait to hear more!


  3. WOOT!!!! *HUGS* Jess, congrats, this is amazingly happy news!! : )

    Don't forget, Carrie is a great name for a girl! i kid! i kid! (I mean, it IS a great name, but if i was going to give you name advice, it'd be Chloe or Camille. ; ) )

  4. YAAAAAY! I'm so excited for you!!! You look so cute!

  5. Of course, you KNOW how happy I am for you guys!! :) I can't wait to meet Abram's new little friend. And I also LOOOOOOVED my maternity jeans. In fact, baby is 8 weeks old now and I still wear them...mostly because they are so comfy. :) But a little bit because I still look like I'm 12 wks pregnant. lol