Friday, December 31, 2010

You Know You're Getting Older When.....

Its not even 5:00 on New Years Eve and I am already in my pajamas. I've got some big ass steaks marinating and just opened a bottle of red. Its gonna be a good night... I can feel it. And by good night I mean that Chad and I are going to eat and drink and may or may not be asleep before midnight. And I'm ok with that. Really. We were originally planning on going to the Blue's hockey game tonight, but I told him I'd much rather stay at home. It seemed like he wanted to go out until he saw the weather report that the high temp for today was 70 so he grabbed his fishing pools and took off at the crack of dawn this morning. Living in the Midwest is a funny thing. Last weekend we were enjoying our white Christmas with temps in the 30's. Yesterday we were in the 50's. Today we experienced thunderstorms complete with tornado sirens going off. Several tornadoes touched down in the area! After the storms the temp was in the 70's and sunny! So weird! Normal winter weather is supposed to return tomorrow and probably won't get its sorry ass out of the way until April. But anyway........ I've got some laundry going and am getting ready to start preparing dinner for when my fisherman gets home. I hope everyone has a very safe and happy New Year!!!!!!! Love to all my family, old friends and my new blog friends!!!!
Happy New Year!!!! XO!

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  1. it's been like that all over the midwest this week! in the almost-60's one minute, freezing the next! crazy. but it's nice to be able to enjoy some good weather during winter! : ) hope you & chad have a faboo new year's!