Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well December has pretty much kicked my ass this year! It seems like it was just the end of November and all of a sudden Christmas is here! I have what feels like a million new posts to do so I'm just combining all the little posts into one huge one. Soooo here it goes.....

So far this month I have....
Made tie-dye cupcakes which I loved. I wasn't a huge fan of how the frosting turned out. I was hoping for a very deep purple.

I got asked to be a bridesmaid in my good friend's wedding this month! So excited for her! She's the 2nd from the left.
I made this little cake pop display this month. It was for Chad's niece's birthday party. It took forever to paint the Styrofoam block and to dip all the pops into different color melts, but I was very happy with how the final product turned out.
I hung out with S at the party!
This month I also got to use my huge cupcake molds for the first time.

This month Mom, Nick, Chad, Betty, S and I attempted to go see Santa at our local Irish Pub. Yep that's right. Irish Pub. Well Mrs. Claus got in an accident and Mr. Claus had to cancel last minute, but we still had some fun.
I made this cake pop display this month. I'd say its the best so far!

I ate something called grizzly balls. Cheddar cheese, shredded chicken and wing sauce all rolled together then battered and fried. Amazing!

I etched another canister.

And Chad turned 29 on Monday! So we celebrated by having lunch w/ my parents. Then going to the Blue's hockey game with Chad's family and friends. Then the next day we went to the Ram's game with his parents.

And Chad and I had some huge t-bones on his actual bday to celebrate.

Other things I have done this month
1) Growing my eyebrows out to reshape them. I hate looking in the mirror currently because all I see is my huge bushy eyebrows that aren't quite ready to reshape.
2) Cooked a lot of new dishes that I'm excited to share!
3) And I'm saving the best for last. Last weekend I may or may not have puked in a plastic grocery bag in the backseat of Chad's dad's truck after having too much fun the night before. Good thing he has a great sense of humor and thought it was funny and didn't think that his son is dating a hot mess.
And there you have it! The month of December so far! Hope you enjoyed catching up on my life.


  1. yep, enjoyed the catch up & cake pops, awesome! careful w/ that too much fun thing... ; )