Thursday, December 30, 2010

5th Annual Girls Ornament Exchange

Every year for the past 5 years I have planned a girls night during the holidays to exchange ornaments.  The first year included 6 girls. This year we had 9! I look forward to this get together all year long and am always sad when its over. The past 4 years we have always gone to restaurants for drinks/dinner to do our exchange. Welllll this year was the best yet because not only was our exchange held at a winery... we made it a potluck too! This super cool winery we went to allows you to bring whatever you want in to eat. And man did we ever! We had crock pots, casserole dishes full of yums, beer cheese dips and of course a cake pop display that was courtesy of yours truly. Our exchange works because everyone buys their ornament, but we don't draw names until right before we trade. That way if anyone backs out at the last minute nobody will get left out. Here are my pictures from the party!

The banner I made to decorate.

My cake pop display.

All the ornaments ready to be exchanged!!!

And here is a picture of each girl with the ornament she received.

Group shot!
I brought some holiday head gear for some fun picture opts.
And in honor of my vow to keep it real here at Cheese Grater here are some pictures from my dance performance. Yes. My dance performance. At the winery. Somebody had a bit too much wine setting up for this little shindig. And somebody thought it would be a good idea to preform a made up dance routine to Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." And yes THAT SOMEBODY WAS ME!
I'm such a lucky girl to have such an amazing group of girlfriends! A few of us have been friends for 20 years if you can believe it! I am so thankful that I went to a private grade school because I was in the same class with some of my girlfriends from kindergarten until 8th grade so we got super close and still remain that close. I love my friends!!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! SO FUN! I want to come next year! I love all your ornament poses and of course your Mariah dance! hahaha! Love and miss you so much!!!

  2. jess, that looks like an awesome swap! love the owl ornament! and LOL on the mariah dance. you rock! : )