Friday, November 5, 2010

Ummmm Can You Say Scary?!?!?!?!

Chad spends the majority of his free time fishing and he recently got some new fishing waders. Fishing waders need to be stored hanging up to avoid creases in the rubber. If the rubber creases then the chances of tearing is pretty good. If the rubber tears then the waders are completely useless. Our townhouse has a basement, but its not finished and we just use it for storage. Since we are planning a move in the next couple months I have started packing a lot of stuff up and the basement is a complete mess! Anyway, Chad decided to hang the waders in the basement and silly me assumed that he would hang them off to the side INSTEAD OF RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. And my right in the middle I mean this.........
So one day before work I was putting some early Christmas presents in the basement to hide and got the shit scared out of me. The basement was pretty dark and the light from the patio door window illuminated the waders. I swear I thought there was a dead body in the basement! Those damn things are still hanging there and every time I go downstairs my heart jumps a little.


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  1. LOL they do look a little creepy up like that...