Friday, October 1, 2010

Italian Fest in Pictures!!!!

 My home town hosts the Italian Fest every September. Its held on our Main St. and begins at 11:00 Friday morning and ends Saturday evening. I look forward to the Italian Fest like most people look forward to Christmas.
Mom in her shirt before the shirt.
My Italian Fest stash.
Mom's Italian Fest stash.
The trophy for the grape stomp contest.
Guy doing the grape stomp.
Mom, Nick and me. Oh and I'm a brunette now.
Me and Katy.
I wish no bikinis was listed as one of the rules. Very blurry picture.
My brother and I before the 5k.
And after.
Greg and his dad Babe.
My bocce partner, Dawn.
Mr. and Mrs.
It was a great Italian Fest weekend and I am already looking forward to next years!!!
XO!!! - Jess


  1. I love your festive outfits and your new hair color!! Looks like you guys had fun! You mom looks like she's about to flick you off in the last pic. Haha

  2. Thanks Rae!!!! I'm in the back of the last pic!... she is about to flick the guy taking the pic off! In the next shot she had her middle finger up!

  3. HAHA! I don't even know her, but I love your mom! Cute hair color, btw, Jess!

  4. 1. LOVE your hair dark.

    2. i am alllll over the italian fest. i want to eat everything there.

    3. i would KILL for your mom's shirt.

  5. Thanks girls!!!!!! The food was pretty damn good and Mom received that shirt as a gift from me! I bought it from the Italian Fest souvenior stand.

  6. Oh my gosh...I know I've said this before, but I SERIOUSLY have to go next year! And by then, I will not be pregnant and will be able to eat and drink to my heart's content! :) Besides, I am part Italian, so I should totally represent! Oh, and your mom's shirt is pretty a-maz-ing and I love your "stash" (especially the Charmin-to-go! lol).