Saturday, October 16, 2010

Furbert's Last Day With Us

Chad and I had to give up our newest cat, Furbert. We took her in because a former co worker's new baby was allergic to cats. At first Furbert hid the majority of the time. Once she started coming around us more, she started having little accidents on the floor. The accidents became more frequent, usually while we were asleep. We finally had to keep her confined to the bathroom for the evenings. We'd keep her locked up during the night for a week and then let her out. After that week she'd be fine for a week or so... no accidents. Then she would start up again. At one time we had 5 litter boxes in our 2 bedroom townhouse. This continued for almost 4 months. She finally started having accidents at all times except when she was confined to the bathroom. The only time she was completely accident free during her last month here was when Aldo was sick and confined to the bathroom. I really wish things could have worked out with Furbert. I still miss her everyday!

Man, I miss this cat!
A sad XO,


  1. Aww, Jess! I know just how you feel. I took in my dream cat a couple years ago - an all black male named Familiar. Unfortunately, my older cat, Angel, just couldn't get along w/ him, and I couldn't afford two cats at that time. Had to take him to the no-kill shelter, but they said he was still a kitten & would get adopted soon. I hope he found the puurfect family, as I'm sure Furbert did, too! But, that was 2 years ago & I do still miss my Familiar!

  2. awww thats sad! :( such a cute fluffy kitty!