Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My First Hotdog

I have been disgusted by hot dogs ever since I was approximately 7 and my Great Aunt Nancy forced me to take a bite of one. I was such a picky eater as a kid and believe me, this was traumatizing! Flash forward til I was approximately 12 and I was on my future Dad's boat with my future sister, Angie. This is before our parents started dating and Angie and I were bff's and often referred to each other as sisters. Little did we know that one day we would be!!!! Greg (Dad) made us hot dogs for lunch and to avoid eating it, I threw it overboard into the lake water. I was STARVING, but was too shy to admit that I hated hot dogs with a passion and couldn't make myself stomach the thought of eating one. I am not nearly as picky as I used to be an will try almost everything once. I saw a hot dog being cooked on the food network the other day and it actually looked pretty tasty. I decided it was time to try one!!!!!! And S's birthday party was the day for it.

Greg grilling the hot dog.
My first one! I requested that it be cut down the middle for maximum grill to dog ratio.
Annnddd the first bite. This is pretty much the worst picture ever, but I'm keeping it real here at Cheese Grater in Paradise.
And the verdict.... loved it!!!!! Texture definitely freaked me out. And I had to ease my way into it. I'd say this small little dog took me about an hour to eat. I can't wait for my first baseball game hot dog now!!!!!!



  1. Ha ha! You know, I have never been a HUGE fan of hot dogs, but I kinda miss them now that I'm pregnant and I'm not supposed to eat them. And I'd give just about anything for a corn dog. lol The hot dogs at Busch stadium are definitely in a league of their own and you HAVE to try one! :) Oh, and chili dogs!!! Yum yum!!!

  2. I'm w/ Nicole on the chili dogs! Yum! And stadium dogs are the best! : )

  3. Follow-up: I finally gave into my craving for a dog last week at my last Cardinals game of the season. I decided that I had been avoiding hot dogs for long enough and one wouldn't hurt...and I have to tell you that it was TOTALLY worth it! :)