Monday, September 6, 2010

The Celebration of the First Anniversary of My 25th Birthday.

Me with my winning ticket!

Ok, ok I turned 26. Damn. My friends and I celebrated with a night at the horse races! You pay $12 to get in and that includes an all you can eat buffet and $1 bottles. Man I love living in the cheap Midwest!!!!! Oh and since it was my birthday anniversary party I am going to be in almost every picture. Deal with it.

My friend Cindy and I!
Chad and his brother, Craig.
Me, Katie and Kia.
Nicole (who is having a baby boy!!!) and Cindy.
Virginia and I.
Funniest. Gift. Ever. Thanks Craig!
My bff Katie.
My beau!
Katie and Chad.
My girls!!!!!!!!


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  1. Happy birthday Jess! Wish I could have been there! :)