Thursday, August 19, 2010

Westview Wine Cellar and Bistro

Last week Mom, Betty, and I decided to have a girls night out to the new wine bar that opened within walking distance of my apartment. We had a blast! The wine bar is in this newly remodeled condo building with a killer view of the St. Louis skyline. We got there early with the idea that we'd have a bite to eat and a glass or two of wine. Well all of a sudden we had had several glasses plus a bottle of wine, appetizers, and a pizza. We decided to head out to the patio to watch the sunset and enjoy the rest of our drinks before heading home. That's when we spotted the pool. The pool that had nothing to do with the wine bar at all. The pool that was for use by the condo owners only. The pool that looked so irresistible in the Midwest humidity. The pool that we just HAD to wade in. The plan of action was to slowly walk over to the gate while admiring the sunset in hopes of not aalerting the bar staff. Mission accomplished!!!!! We hung out by the pool for close to a half hour (I spent ten of those minutes trying to push my mom in the deep end fully clothed) when Joann (part owner of wine bar) came hauling ass to said pool saying that we were not allowed in it. Well here's a heads up, Joann. Maybe they should lock the damn gate. I can pretty much guarantee that we weren't the only people who thought it seemed like a good idea and we certainly won't be the last. I can't make any promises that I won't try the exact same thing next time I'm there either. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of actual people, but here is the scenery pics....

We were the only people there for the majority of the evening. It was a random Wednesday though. I'm hoping business picks up because I loved this place!

Free appetizers with a wine purchase that day!
View from our table inside.



  1. Awesome fun! And doesn't it make you wonder if Joann saw you out the window or if someone narc'd that you were out there? Heh.

  2. That place looks awesome! I would have totally helped you push your mom in the deep end :). I bet she would have cussed just like at White Castle. hahaha. And I'm sooo jealous of the toasted ravioli!! People just don't know what they're missing down here! Love you!

  3. They are missing the ravioli and Imo's! And 30 packs!!! Love you too Rae!

  4. Well, let me tell you something Rachel,,,,,,I would of pushed you in way before you got a chance to push me in!!!

  5. hahaha! You know we would have ganged up on Jess first! :) Miss you guys!!

  6. Yeah, you are right Rachel. We would of ganged up on Jess first! Too funny!