Friday, August 6, 2010

Bailey's Chocolate Bar

Some girlfriends and I recently had a girls night. We started the night at Chevy's for some margaritas and appetizers then headed to Bailey's Chocolate Bar for yummy, yummy martinis. I have been to the chocolate bar several times and its always been a really good time with good service and great drinks. This time was an ok time with bad straight up horrible service and great drinks that took almost an hour to get to our table. There were 6 of us girls so instead of waiting for an inside table we braved the awful Midwest humidity and sat outside. We got situated and started picking out our cocktails. The chocolate bar has a very long drink menu and they specialize in martinis. We all chose our drinks and were still waiting for a server. HALF HOUR LATER STILL NO SERVER. Now the 6 of us are either servers now or have been in the past. If our server was busy all she had to do was stop by and say I will be right with you, but we got ignored for real. We finally flagged down the hostess and we were all um, still have no server. She got our girl and she came to our table and acted like we just sat down by saying do you girls need some more time to look at the menu? UMMM HELL NO. I'm pretty sure I can recite the menu by heart by now as well as go behind the bar and mix up the majority of the damn drinks by myself. Oh and I probably could do all of this while waiting on your whole section a whole hell of a lot better than your slow ass can. What I instead said was no we don't. I will have the macaroon martini (delicious by the way). She wrote our order down and 20 more minutes still no drink in my hand and sip straw made of chocolate in my mouth. Me=pissed . My friend Jenn went and got the manager who was very nice and apologized by taking 20% off our bill and deleting the automatic gratuity for parties of 6 or more. We normally don't complain but there was no excuse for that awful service. We didn't make off that good because our bill was still almost $70 for six martinis. Anyway, still had to wait another 5 minutes before our drinks arrived after talking to the manager. We declined a second drink and walked across the street to SqWires for a few more drinks. I chose the Urbantini which was comparable to heaven in my mouth. I don't remember exactly what the drink was made of, but it had frozen grapes at the bottom and that's pretty much all the matters.

Margartias from Chevy's. Mine is the jumbo yellow one.
Macaroon martini.
Kalli, Jenn, and Trinetta.
Me, Kristin, and Nikki.
Kristin (who's a new mommy to sweet baby M!!!) and me.
Our heels were already traded in for comfty flops.
Urbantini with Kristin's Stella.
Our lovely view on the way home.
Go Cards!!!


P.S. I will definitely go back to the chocolate bar no matter how bad the experience. There drinks are seriously that amazing. Also since all of us do or have worked in the service industry she still made a killer tip. Stupid server.


  1. You are cracking me up! "hell no, I can recite the menu by heart" hahahha Looks like a fab time. Glad you are not going to let it ruin that place for you, go again. I bet it will be better!

  2. You are so funny...I can see you getting so pissed! Ha ha. I just want to point out how unfair this blog entry is to me, seeing as how right now I can't drink any of these fab cocktails that you mention. Oh, but soon will come a day...just you wait... =)

  3. All those drinks look and sounded yummy! Sucky service can be a real downer, but it sounds like you all made the best of it, so kudos!! : )

  4. Thanks for all the comments girls!