Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Soulard Market

My mom and I recently had a girls day on a Friday afternoon. She picked me up around noon and we headed to Soulard Market which is within walking distance from downtown St. Louis. Soulard Market is an open air market that has all kinds of vendors selling different stuff such as fresh fruit and veggies, fresh meat, deli sandwiches, fresh flowers, handmade jewelry, and even pets (sad face). There are also several vendors that sell beer, soda, Gus' Pretzels (famous around the STL area), ice cream, and other hot foods. I love love love going to Soulard Market to shop for fresh produce. And the prices are AMAZING!!!!!! Mom likes for us to get a beer and a pretzel whenever we are at the market and eat and drink while we do our shopping. The lines were too long this time so we had to get it on our way out.

Everything I got from the market!
After Soulard Market we headed to Wasabi for some sushi.
Wasabi has the best sushi I have ever had. We tried a new roll that day. It is the pink one in the middle with the soy bean paper. We were kind of freaked out by the pink color, but it was very tasty!

After sushi we headed to City Hall so Mom could get a copy of the marriage certificate and then dropped it off at my dad's work.
City Hall
Mom with the copy of her marriage license.
The view from my dad's office.
After we did a little shopping then called it a day! I can't wait for our next girl's day!


  1. the view from your dad's office is A*MA*ZING! And also that sushi looks great and i'm kinda jealous! : )

  2. There are so many pretty views downtown! And the sushi was to die for! Loved it!