Friday, July 9, 2010

Schlafly Tap Room and The Tin Can

One of my sisters, Angie, and her boyfriend, Dave came in town last Tuesday for our parents wedding. They planned to keep Wednesday night open to see some friends they haven't seen since they moved to Florida last September. Their choices of bars were The Tin Can Tavern and Schlafly Tap Room. Both bars are located downtown St. Louis. We hit the Tap Room first.  

My best friend Nikki with her Cream Ale
Me and Angie
Nikki and I shared some goat cheese dip. It was pretty much the best thing I have ever had.
Angie and our friend Forrest
Then we headed down the street to The Tin Can. They offer lots of different choices of beer, but they are all served in a can. They even have champagne in a can with a little sip straw attached. It kinda looks like a juice box for an adult.
The entrance to The Tin Can
Regulars can keep their coolie cups on these cool shelves at The Tin Can.
Katie, Me, Nikki, and Angie
My classy choice of beers. And yes I was double fisting.
Friends since 1st grade!!! Katie, Me, and Angie.
My bestie. I heard that if you said vowel while taking a picture that you'd end up looking cute and pouty like an Olsen. So not true... You end up looking like a hot mess. See below.

Annndddd Nikki is ready to leave
We had a blast!!!! Those are seriously two of my favorite bars downtown and I can't wait to go back!

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