Monday, July 19, 2010

My New Favorite Place

Our Italian grocery store just moved into a different location. It used to be located on a busy street and there was virtually no parking. There was many times that I wanted to stop in, but couldn't find a place to park and traffic was too bad to keep driving around. Welllll they are now on a quieter street with TONS of parking that I just happen to pass on my way to work. I finally got to stop in the new location! I love it! This store has some pretty neat stuff. Different kinds of pastas, sauces, pestos, fresh cheeses, Italian deli meats, and I've heard that they have killer garlic cheese bread that they make and freeze. Garlic is the key to my heart. Anyway, when I stopped in I only had to get a can of san marzano tomatoes. I also grabbed some pizza sauce, sun dried tomato pesto, and some sea salt. I think I only spent $7 on those few things, which I think is pretty reasonable. Next time I go in I am sooooo getting some of that garlic bread.



  1. Fresh pesto from italian shops are unbeatable, I have to go to San Francisco, about 20 minutes away to get mine :(. Lucky.

  2. I agree! That's a bummer you have to drive so far for it!