Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Not Going to Lie... This is a Furbaby Picture Post.

Furbert is on the left and Aldo is on the right. Ignore the ugly pillows and comforter. I am "losing" it during our upcoming move. There were Chad's before I moved in and I don't like hate them!

This is Aldo's favorite place to sleep. Cracks me up!
Chad was giving them stinky tuna. Gross.
My friend Kristin brought baby M over to hang out. Aldo didn't know what to think of him. Theeennn M started crying and Aldo took off and hid for awhile. Haha!

I love my furbabies!!!! Love!!!



  1. They are certainly CUTIES! And it's funny that you posted this today, because I was just joking with a friend about claiming my cat as a dependent on my taxes, and said maybe they wouldn't bat an eye if I labeled her as my "furbaby"!!! Heh.

  2. Thanks!!! Haha that is funny!

  3. Cats are so entertaining! I love how Furbert looks like she has a bushy beard! ha ha!