Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th on the 7th!

So I pretty much had the best 4th of July weekend I have ever had. And all I did was eat, drink and swim. After going a million miles an hour lately (especially on the weekends) it was nice to relax with friends. Saturday I cleaned our apartment so I wouldn't have a messy place hanging over my head. Chad left early for his softball tournament. I packed us a bag, grabbed my cupcake creation, bought a 30 pack of Bud Light, got some daiquiri mix and went through the drive thru of St. Louis Bread Co.... I was ready!!!!! I got to my friend Cindy's house while she was running errands, let myself in, cracked a beer and ate my breakfast. Nothing says a well balanced breakfast like Bud Light. Cindy and I pretty much just hung by the pool all night. When it started to get late we climbed in her bed and started watching "Made of Honor." And then we immediately fell asleep. We both woke up all disoriented when Chad called wondering where the hell everybody was! Chad and I just stayed the night at Cindy's since I was planning on hanging with her again Sunday and Chad was playing ball with Cindy's husband Sunday early a.m. After the guys left Cindy and I went back to sleep and then went for a yummy breakfast together. We then headed to the ball fields to watch the guys for a bit. The games were running behind and it seemed like we were at the fields FOREVER! Then it was back to the pool for the remainder of the day. You could even see the fireworks from Cindy's backyard... perfect!

My cupcake flag cake. I was kinda disappointed with it. :-(
Our paradise for the weekend.
Breakfast of champions.
Tara, Me, Cindy, and Virginia.
Best. Daiquiris. Ever.
There was a carnival next to the ball fields.
Cindy at the fun house.
My love.
They won 1st!
This one cracks me up.
Me and my babe... sun burnt!
Hope everybody else had a good holiday weekend!!!!


  1. I'm so sad I missed out on the fun. :( We had a good time in Alabama, though. But I seriously love carnivals and daiquiris...oh, wait, I guess I can't have that second one. Oh well! ha ha ha. And your breakfast of champions is crack me up!!!

  2. omgggggg. reading this made me get the extra sadz at what my weekend could have been like....

    glad you had a great time.