Friday, July 23, 2010

A Few FYIs to Chad

Here are some of the insane questions Chad has asked me in the past two days.

Chad "How many bathing suits do you really need to pack this weekend?"
    Me "As many as I want to pack."
Chad "Come on Jess, do you really need 10 bikinis for 2 maybe 3 days?"
    Me "Yeah pretty much."
Chad "How about we just share a bag?"
     Me "Um the answer to that is always going to be a no."
Chad then points out that if I didn't pack so many bathing suits we would be able to share a bag. Then I politely asked him to please leave the room and I proceeded to lock the door. I then packed all kinds of extra shit for him in his bag just to spite him. Fingers crossed we can get along on the 3 hour car ride. I am thinking he may have to drive so I can start my party in the passenger seat. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!
              P.S. I'm supposed to be finishing all the packing now, but instead am Facebook creeping and taking funny videos of the cats. I may deserve his bad attitude.