Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Furbabies

This is Aldo.
Aldo is a mommy's girl. She loves to meow and is just plain spoiled rotten. We got her at the beginning of March from a lady who could no longer keep her. She is a little over a year old. Aldo is pretty much an easy cat. She is happy as long as she has lots of attention and a spot to sleep above my pillow at night.
Furbert so far is the complete opposite.
This is Furbert before her haircut.

And this is her after her haircut.
We got Furbert a few weeks ago. A girl I used to work with has had her for two years. This girl just had a baby who is allergic so she could no longer keep her. She brought Furbert over to meet us and the cat ran under the couch and wouldn't come out for a few days til we finally had to just pull her out. She is sooooo scared of us and of Aldo. She is finally starting to come around though! She still spends the majority of her time under the couch, but she does come out at night! As soon as we are settling in for bed she comes to the top of the stairs and starts peeking around. This morning she actually jumped in bed w/ me and Aldo after Chad left for work. Fingers crossed she keeps getting better with us!!!! Oh and I'm not really a fan of the name Furbert. I'd prefer to rename her Aerie after she gets used to us. Aldo was renamed too... I can't remember what her name was before. Hope you liked meeting my furbabies.


  1. LOLOL! Is that a "Lion's Cut" ?!?! so adorable.

  2. i love the name Furbert. you're going to give her an identity crisis.

  3. Oh Furbert!! That photo post haircut is precious!
    And love the name Furbert ;-)

  4. Thanks guys!!! Yes it is a lion's cut V! The after picture still cracks me up!

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