Monday, June 7, 2010

It's a marathon... not a sprint.

Hey guys!!! Some of my family and I spent Memorial Day weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks. We had a blast!!!! Some highlights were eating Hooter's chicken wings while floating in the lake, singing T-Pain's "I'm on a Boat" after too much to drink, and all the stories my brother Nick and his friend gave us. Here's the weekend in pictures...

Nick is the one in the light blue trunks and his friend Scott is the other one passed out. Scott turned a 3 hour drive into a 6 hour one. He also managed to get pulled over on his way down. In two days time they somehow manged to lose Scott's keys, get accused of stealing money from a prostitute (sooo didn't happen), and have not one, but two run ins w/ the Osage Beach police. Turns out the police at the lake are some nice guys. The second night I woke up at 6a.m. and Nick and Scott still weren't back at the hotel. I roamed around the parking lot looking for them in my pajamas and eventually gave up and went back to bed. They strolled in around 7 giggling like school girls. I ignored them and tried to sleep some more. I learned two things that weekend.1) I'm never sharing a hotel room w/ my little brother EVER again. 2) It's a marathon not a sprint. 
Exhibit A.
Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.
Hope you guys had as much fun Memorial Day weekend as Nick and Scott clearly did!!!


  1. HELLO!! Even though I'm not in the pictures,,,because I was taking them. My quotes were just as funny!! And nothing,,,,

  2. I couldn't remember any more quotes!!!!! What were they?

  3. This is so funny!! lol Sounds like fun!!!

  4. I'm the f'in bride.
    You don't talk to a Kennedy that way.