Thursday, June 10, 2010

I NEED a Camera

Whenever I started this blog it was with the idea to post alot about meals I make because I cook ALOT. Which is why I named this blog what I did. Well I broke my camera on St. Patty's Day after one a few too many green beers. I have taken my sweet time in getting a new camera because I was secretly hoping that someone (read Chad) would buy me one. I asked him to get me one for Mother's Day because I'm a great kitty mommy, but he flat out refused. Apparently he likes not having to pose for pictures all the time. Anyway the point to my story is that without a camera it is hard to post about food. Just reading about food is boring... food posts need pictures!!!! I want to write about food!!!!!!!!! I also have alot of important events coming up which need to be documented with pictures. My mom's bachlorette party is tomorrow and I would love to have tons of pictures from our fiesta. I have a sand volleyball game in a couple hours, but am planning on stopping and purchasing a camera on my way! Wish me luck! And also wish Sets on the Beach good luck at tonights game!
XO! -


  1. pictures are always the best, specially of food! Yummm.

  2. I got a camera! Pics are coming soon! And not from my junky cell phone either... a real camera!