Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am an over packer.

I'm leaving right after work to head to the lake for my parents wedding! Can't wait!!!!!! I seemed to have packed around 18 sundresses and 8 pairs of shoes for a 4 day trip. Why do I always do this?!?!?! It comes time to pack for even a day trip and suddenly I can't choose between outfits so I just pack everything I want to wear at that minute. I spent 2 hours packing yesterday. Chad kept yelling up the stairs asking how in the hell can you still be packing after 2 hours. Um hi Chad. Have you ever met me? He packed right before he went to bed and it took him all of 5 mins. And when I casually suggested that he bring 3 pairs of flops just in case he kinda freaked out. Apparently guys don't think they need more than one pair of shoes for a long weekend. And on top of all the packing nonsense I now have to write my toast. Yikes! I hate hate hate giving speeches. Wish me luck.....    XO!


  1. gooooood luck! those kids of things always give me diarrhea.

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  4. Oh my gosh, you sound just like me! And, if I remember correctly, you made fun of the size of my suitcase the weekend that I went to the tournament in Beckemeyer! AH I know you're just as bad!! lol