Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why is Your Book Wet?

Hey guys! Sooo my friend Nicole and I had a girls night last Thursday. Started of with the best martinis EVER at Bailey's Chocolate Bar and then on to Jen Lancaster's book signing after. We had a blast!!!!!!! The book signing was held at Mad Art Gallery in Soulard. The signing started off with a reading from Jen's new book "My Fair Lazy." Then she did a Q&A. Then it was time for the signing. Nicole and I had never been to an event like this so had no idea what to expect. Well it was packed. We seriously stood in line to get our books signed for way over an hour. It was worth it though!!!! The art gallery is actually in an old jail and the cells were just begging for a photo shoot! Here are some pics of the night.....

Me and my idol!
Nicole and Jen Lancaster
Jen doing the reading from "My Fair Lazy"
This map was made up from little army men toys.
Nicole wants out!
I am a super fan.
Hope you like the pictures!!!!! Xo!


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  2. Thanks! Checking yours out now.... :-)