Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm on a Boat

Last weekend I went to the Lake of the Ozarks to celebrate Mother's Day with my parents. It was my first trip to go boating with them. We started the day off with bloody marys at the marina bar and grill. After our breakfast cocktail, they gave me the tour of their boat and the docks. It was pretty much the windiest day EVER so we couldn't take the boat out right away. It was also FREEZING so we spent most of the afternoon sitting on the back of the boat with the tarps up.

We ventured out for a bit to go pick up the flowers for my parents upcoming wedding ceramony that they're having on the boat. Had lunch at the marina restaurant and that's where my mom and I ordered Twisted Parrots.

Turns out Twisted Parrots are delicious! They look like girly drinks, but they had 3 shots in them! We left the restaurant after lunch and I couldn't stop talking about coming back after dinner and doing shots of Wild Turkey Honey. BAD IDEA. The wind had finally died down enough to take the boat out.
Then I took a small cat nap. The alcohol was starting to get to me!!!
After we brought the boat back in, we hung out on the boat and started getting dinner ready. After dinner we watched Betty White on SNL and then got ready for bed. Wild Turkey Honey shots never panned out which was probably a good thing. I slept like a rock!!!!! All the fresh air and wine really knocked me out. Sunday morning we got dressed and headed up to the restaurant for Mother's Day breakfast and momosas (champagne and cranberry juice). After breakfast I had to get back on the road. Was sad to leave! The lake is so much fun and I can't wait to go back!!!!!!

Here are a few more random pictures from the weekend.
Me and Jimmy the parrot.
The Schmoopies at the restaurant for Mother's Day breakfast.

Hope you had a great Mother's Day Mom! I love you!!!! XO!!!

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